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Sontag Home Services began in the early 1970s as an offshoot of Sontag Realty.  Our father, John R. Sontag, founded Sontag Realty and soon recognized the need among his seasonal clients for a service that would look after their homes during the winter months when they were away.  John offered his clients peace of mind knowing that he was checking their home several times a week, making sure the heat was still on, electricity was still working, and so on.  Gradually, more homeowners – not just clients of Sontag Realty – began to request this service.

Sontag Home Services became the source for the most personalized home care around Geneva Lake in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

In 1973, our brother, Pat, took over the business.  Over the next 30 years, he continued to add clients, as well as to expand the business into year-round, complete home care.  The new services Pat supplied included painting, plumbing, lawn care, carpentry, heating, air conditioning, cleaning, and snowplowing.  If it needed doing, Pat got it done.

After Pat’s passing in 2003, Tim Sontag ran the business until being stricken with MS. In 2012, he handed the business to his brother Mike. In 2021 upon retiring, Mike passed the business along to its current owner, Peter Hatlestad.



Pat Sontag


Mike and Cindy Sontag


Peter and Sarah Hatlestad


Sontag Home Services now provides home and property services to the following communities in southeastern Wisconsin: Delavan, Fontana, Lake Como, Lake Geneva, Twin Lakes, Walworth, and Williams Bay.