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Water Damage Assistance

Expect the unexpected! Early May 2013, gorgeous sunny day, and a small part fails on a supply line in the 3rd floor bathroom of this beautiful home causing catastrophic damage to all 3 floors. Although not a client at the time, Sontag Home Services provided them with immediate assistance in their recovery process. Damage to this home would have been much less if they had been using our services at the time.

The failure of the compression ring on the water supply feed, caused the following catastrophic damage (videos compatible in Chrome and Safari only.):



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Sometimes when Spring brings lots of rain showers, it can have an effect on your house and water damage can occur. Let us take care of the stress and assist you in the cleanup and renovation process. The videos below include footage we shot when we arrived at a house that needed water damage assistance.











Mold Remediation

If it is determined that you do indeed have mold in your home, the next step is the remediation process to systematically remove all indoor mold.  There’s no point in only removing some of the mold in a home.  If even a little bit is missed, it will simply grow and spread and soon you’ll have a full-blown mold problem again.

Remediation is the actual removal process. But that’s only the beginning for us, as the real goal is to reverse and stop the environmental damage the mold has caused to your home.  Our team of certified technicians use protocols set forth by the national agencies that certify firms for this type of work.  We strictly follow those guidelines to ensure thorough removal under the safest conditions.  This is important to prevent further damage by cross-contamination, the spreading of volatilized spores accidentally throughout the rest of the house. The procedures used by us according to IICRC guidelines:

  • Containment of the work area to prevent cross-contamination
  • Negative pressure maintained within the work area (this causes air to flow into the contained area but not out, thereby preventing mold spores from leaking out of the area)
  • The removal of any affected porous material, if possible, such as drywall, wood trim, carpet/pad,
 and wood flooring
  • Mechanical abrasion to clean mold from structures that cannot be removed
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Applications of approved anti-fungal and anti-microbial products
  • Encapsulation (sealant with anti-fungal ingredients to kill, repel, and seal off any remaining mold
 that cannot be seen so it cannot continue to spread)
  • Completion of any repairs necessary to maintain the desired environment.

After all remediation is completed, we will help you determine prevention tactics for your home.  It’s easier to prevent mold in the first place than to remove it later.  Our extensive knowledge in building science and construction along with our state of the art equipment allows us to provide you with the best solutions for your home.